Terms and conditions of use

By signing up, you agree to the following:

  • You will only use your access to list stores/locations in which you own, and you will not share your login details with anyone. If you are found listing other peoples locations for them, your account, and all of its listings will be banned, and you will forfeit any funds paid.
  • You will not use profanity, or nudity in any of your listing (or it may be removed).
  • The website link on your listing will not go to a page which contains high levels of profanity, nudity, or other content which visitors may find offensive (or it may be removed).
  • Membership fees for new members may change in the future (this will not effect existing members).
  • The website may experience short periods of downtime for maintenance throughout the year.

What does my payment go toward?

Your membership payment is used to pay for:

  • Server costs and management
  • Domain costs
  • Bandwidth costs
  • Content deliver network(s) fees
  • Future upgrades
  • Administration
  • Your right to list as many of your locations as you wish

If you do not agree to these terms, please do not sign up.